Do You Need to be a Quitter?

I read a couple of blogs everyday.  This morning I read a blog entry by a woman who has been training for her first marathon and has just decided to turn her back on the months of training and quit.  She loved training and the goal of running a marathon, but her joy has been slowly seeping away.  She’s been experiencing some pain that has taken all the fun out of it for her.  She said the only thing that makes her keep going right now is ego and ego alone isn’t a good enough reason for her to do something.  This reminded me of a blog entry from a friend a couple of years ago.  She was talking about her daughter who quit playing the guitar after a number of years.  When she asked her why she was quitting, her wise-beyond-her-years daughter said that when she took up the hobby, she did so because it was fun and exciting and something she longed to do.  But after years of playing, she realized one day that she liked the idea of playing the guitar far more than she liked actually doing it

We all get into a rut sometimes.  We get involved in something — doing something, being something, believing something — for all the right reasons.  Those reasons may slip away over time, but we keep doing, being or believing simply out of inertia. 

The friend’s epiphany over guitar playing is what jumpstarted my quest for my authentic self.  I started looking at the things in my life and asking myself, “Is this ME?  Is this really what reveals my inner core?  Is this what I’m all about?”  If not, I let it go.  What freedom that brought!  Now I had “empty space” to fill.  And fill it I did!  With all the things I really WAS about. 

I’m not sure if the person I am today is who I’ll be in 10 or 20 years, but now I’m very conscious about re-evaluating myself every so often to make sure “all my parts still fit.”  People who have known me a long time will tell you, I don’t even resemble the person I have been in the past.  For instance, if I introduced my college self with my current self, not only would the 20 year old me not recognize the current me, she would HATE me!  Honest.  Hate.  The me of 5 years ago is still shocked by the me of today.  She can’t believe what I do and say! 

So what do you need to quit doing, being, believing in your life?!


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