Do Good!

As long as you’re surfing the web, you may as well be a do gooder while you’re at it.   Here are some easy ways to benefit charity with little or no effort on your part:

TIME COMMITMENT:  20 SECONDS:  Change your home page to   The search engine is powered by    You can designate a charity and each time you search something on the internet, your charity will receive money.   There are a LOT of charities from which to choose.  I chose Big Cats Rescue — a wonderful organization which saves lions, tigers, ocelots, and other big cats from circuses, idiots who try to keep them as pets, etc. 

TIME COMMITMENT:  2 MINUTES:  Register with  Again, you designate a charity and each time you shop on the internet with one of their partners, your charity will automatically receive money from their advertisers and sponsors.  No work on your part past the initial registration.  When you go to amazon or ebay or office depot, etc., a window pops up briefly and you’re purchase is automatically routed through so your charity receives its donation.

TIME COMMITMENT:  30 SECONDS:  If you have just 30 seconds a day, visit  There are 6 tabs to help fund mammograms for women in poverty, aid to end world hunger, money to promote childhood literacy, to provide health care to children, to save the rain forest, and to help animal rescue and shelter programs.  You click a tab, click the button, move on to the next tab, click the button.  12 clicks and you’re done.  I do this when I’m on the phone.  If you decide to visit one of the stores at this site, a portion of your purchase will go to further help each cause.  They have BEAUTIFUL, inexpensive gifts.  I have bought jewelry, purses, candles and the like for myself and others.

TIME COMMITMENT:  5 SECONDS to 5 MINUTES:  I also try to make a daily stop at  Why not increase your vocabulary and donate rice to end world hunger at the same time?  You see a word and 4 words below it.   You click the word that most closely means the highlighted word and get instant feedback whether you are right or wrong.  Every correct answer results in a donation of 20 grains of rice.  I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but you can easily whip through 10 words in a minute — 200 grains.  What better way to spend 5 minutes on hold on the phone or while watching TV?  The other night, I hit 600 grains of rice during one commercial break.  If you’re waiting for a video clip to load, you can open up a second browser window and answer a few vocabulary words while you’re waiting for the video to load.

We all wish we had more time to volunteer or more money to give to charity.  But these websites are all free, easy, fast ways to donate money to good causes.  It’s a painless way to help the world and boost your “feel good/do good” quotient.

Please let me know if you have any sugestions for other websites to visit.



  1. bluesky422 said

    Another great charity site is It donates money to children in need through World Vision.

    Check it out at

  2. Carol said

    Another passive format of charitable giving that we can all acknowledge and appreciate is our contributions to philanthropists who in previous careers were the CEO’s of corporate American receiving average salaries in 2005 (as noted by a Washington based think tank, the Economic Policy Institute) of $10,982,000, or 262 times the $41,861 pay of an average worker. So whenever I cash my undersized paycheck or buy goods and services at inflated prices I can feel satisfied that I have indeed contributed towards multiple charities through the flow of capital that funds their salaries and their philanthropical pursuits.

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