Where does God fit on the time-space continuum?

One of the books I’ve been reading lately is The Fabric of the Cosmos:  Space, Time and the Texture of Reality by Brian Greene.   It provides a history of physics and astronomy for laypeople.  I’m not really sure why I’m reading it since it requires great concentration and still makes my head hurt.  But, I do love things that make me feel stupid (and, apparently, I thrive on abuse).  Anyway, the beginning of the book takes you through a quick history of great theoretical movements in physics:  Classical Theory (think Newton), Relativity (think Einstein), Quantum Reality (more Einstein, Niels Bohr, Max Planck, Wolfgang Pauli).  Then the author talks about Unified Theory (even more Einstein, Stephen Hawking).  Finally, he talks about modern theoretical physics such as Superstring Theory and M-theory. 

Superstring Theory basically says there is 1 time dimension and 9 space dimensions.  M-theory basically says there is 1 time dimension and 10 space dimensions.  

Here’s the thought that came to me regarding God:  God knows the beginning and the end.  He knows every single detail about our lives, everything from the big crises to the minutiae.  He also knows what choices we’re going to make and He goes before us, working everything out for our good and His glory, constantly redirecting, drawing us near to Him, achieving His purposes.  Yet we have free will.  Although God knows what path we will choose and the decisions we will make, He also knows we can change our minds and make different decisions.  We can’t really wrap our brains around those seemingly contradictory facts, but not understanding it doesn’t make it untrue. 

I have always imagined that God has the most complicated “flow charts” governing every day of each one of our lives.  If Connie does this, then that.  But if she does THIS, then THAT.  And if someone else chooses to do this instead of that, then it will affect Connie in such a way that THAT will happen.  Can you imagine with all the events one individual can have in one day — and with all the other individuals he or she interacts with — and each of those individuals having free will over the thousands of decisions that affect themselves and others, including that one individual, just HOW COMPLICATED God’s flow chart is for one person for one hour?  One day?  Then multiply that individual daily flow chart by the 6,679,493,900 people in the world (2008 estimate)?  Can you start to wrap your brain around how complicated God’s actions are because of our free will?

NOW, back to physics.  I believe God and science are compatible.  I believe that facts and faith work together.  For instance, it’s not a question of evolution OR creation.  Clearly there is evolution.  That’s a fact.  But I believe God created evolution — that He built it into His creative design because He knew that humans and animals would need to evolve to survive changing circumstances.  So, if modern theoretic physics examines whether there are 9 space dimensions (Superstring Theory) or 10 space dimensions (M-theory) with 1 time dimension, the thought occurred to me that those 9 or 10 space dimensions at any point in time might repesent the dimensions of God’s flow charts.  If every second of time contained 9 or 10 decisions affecting that moment in time for each person, maybe those space dimensions show the paths on God’s flow chart of what happens next.  If we choose this at a moment in time, then we travel on that space dimension.  If we make THIS choice, we shift to THAT space dimension. 

I’m no theologian, nor am I a scientist (painfully clear!)  And I’m not really suggesting this as a scientific theory.  What I am doing, however, is trying to paint a better picture of what God’s flow charts might look like, and to give a sense of just how complicated God is, and how extra complicated His job is because of the gift of free will.  (Although sometimes I feel it might be a curse.)  Anyway, here’s a pictoral representation of Superstring Theory; can you see yourself traveling on these paths?


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  1. Carol said

    The movies “What The Bleep Do We Know” and “Down the Rabbit Hole” do a wonderful job of presenting Quantum Physics and the M-theory in layman terms…and it won’t make your head hurt!

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