Hurricane Information

I know I’ve been trying to write every Monday-Friday, but was out of town yesterday.

A lot of people in southen Alabama are talking about Tropical Storm Gustav.  There’s a lot of speculation about where it might go, how strong it might get, etc., and people are getting their information from all sorts of places, viewing multiple models of what might happen, etc.  Since so many of my readers are on the Gulf Coast, I thought I’d share a resource with you.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s website.  It’s where all the weather/news people go.  So I cut out the sensational journalism and just head straight to their source!  It’s updated 4 times a day.  Usually I check it once a day from May through October, but when something’s brewing, I check it more often.  If you check the site 1-2 times a day then you get an idea of a storm’s pattern.  For instance, if it’s shifting east consistently for a couple of days, you can expect it will continue to do so (as a general rule).  Check it out and click “hurricanes” on the left.  They also show “potential storms” several days before the newscasters ever mention them.  As you will see, this site offers information for all kinds of weather, not just hurricanes: 


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