Let Nothing Be Wasted

In Matthew 14 we read about Yeshua (Jesus) feeding the multitude with five loaves of bread and two fish.  Matthew 14:20 states, “… and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over.”  Why did they pick up all the leftover bits?  Was it to impress upon us how great the miracle was?  Not only did Jesus feed the multitude, but there was more left over than when they started.  Yes, I think that’s part of the reason we’re told.  But another reason I think we’re told this is because Yeshua practiced good stewardship of the land and the resources.  He didn’t want anything wasted.  As disciples trying to become more like the Master, we, too, need to be good stewards of God’s blessings:  our time, our money, our things, the environment.  We need to reduce consumption, creatively reuse what we already have, and then recycle.  It’s a God thing!


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  1. lyndy said

    Hi Connie,
    I miss you ! I know it was the weekend, and then a hurricane, and then labor day… but, I need my blog fix !!! I Miss you. Please come back to us soon. In the meantime I will just need to breath in through the nose and out through the mouth 🙂

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