Shalom Shalom

Well, there’s another hurricane headed for the Gulf.  With everything that’s been going on in the world lately (the financial world, the Middle East, the elections, the weather), I’ve been pondering how we are to have peace in our times and how to balance peace and precautions.  We are supposed to take precautions and make wise decisions to protect ourselves.  In fact, sometimes the Holy Spirit protects us divinely by giving us wisdom or nudging us to take certain actions or avoid certain actions.  But we also are supposed to have “peace that surpasses all understanding”.  I certainly don’t want to be complacent and ignore my responsibility to make wise and timely decisions, but at the same time, I don’t want to begin to think my safety and provision depends on me as opposed to God.  Sometimes worry comes from God in that it’s a God-given emotion to prompt us to take action.  But we also know that fear is from Satan.  So how do you tell the difference?

When trying to find spiritual balance, I remember a story my brother-in-law told me once about three men who were in a boat.  They see a really bad storm brewing and one says, “Wow, that storm looks really bad.  We’d better start rowing for shore.”  The second man says, “I’m a man of faith; I think we should pray and God will protect us.”  They argue for a few minutes and then the third man pipes up, “Why don’t we pray while rowing?”

So I’m careful to take the precautions I need to take and try to listen to the Spirit of God when He instructs me . . . but I realize that after I’ve done my part in being prudent and responsive, it’s all up to God to protect me and it’s my job to trust in Him.

The Bible refers to “shalom shalom” which means “perfect peace”.  We need to learn to trust that God is sovereign (capable) and He always loves us and wants what’s best for us (willing).  I bless you all with “shalom shalom”.


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