Do You Have Peace Others Can See?

As I told you all in an earlier post, I read a wide variety of materials.  I’m not threatened by information, knowledge, ideas.  One of my favorite blog writers is Karen Maezen Miller, the author of Mamma Zen:  Walking the Crooked Path of Motherhood.  She is a Zen Buddhist priest.  She is WONDERFUL!

Anyway, I have read her book (and recommend it for anyone who is pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or with small children in the home) and her blog is one of the few I read every single day.  Recently, I read this account by a woman who recently met “Mamma Zen” a/k/a Karen Maezen Miller, in person: 

Essentially, spending just a moment with Mamma Zen was like going to the best spa on the planet . . . for a month. 

I imagine being with Yeshua (Jesus) must have been like this to the billionth power.  But you know what makes me sad?  I have never met any follower of Yeshua who seemed to have inside him or her the peace that Mamma Zen possesses.  I know being with me feels the EXACT OPPOSITE of being with Mamma Zen.  What does that say about my testimony?  What does that say about the testimony of most Yeshua followers (or all, in my personal experience)?   

What does it say about you?!


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