Healthy or Humble?

For the last two years, I have been asking everyone and anyone about what “humility” means. Being humble is a goal to which we are to aspire; humility is a positive character trait. However, I’ve seen very few instances, if any, of true humility. What I see is either false humility or a lack of self esteem.

We are supposed to have a healthy dose of self esteem.  We know God has given us certain gifts, calls and talents, certain strengths (and weaknesses which are often the flip side of our strengths).  If we have healthy self esteem, we know when a job is well done.  We know when we’ve been successful. W e know when we’ve exceeded expectations.  And we should take pride in such accomplishments (acknowledging, of course, that God, our Maker, takes the ultimate credit).  So how do we know when we’ve crossed the line between healthy self esteem and acknowledgment of working within our areas of natural gifts and abilities . . . and when we are prideful?!

I’ve received hundreds of answers, each with another piece to the puzzle.  But the answer is far from concrete in my mind.  In fact, one person told me as long as I continue looking for the answer, I’m in the process of exemplifying humility.  Hmmmm, maybe.  Please post comments if you can help me fill in the picture!

So far, the only thing that has really brought me to my knees and made me feel humble is you, my blog readers.  When I began this blog just a few months ago, I thought my blog would be read by family and friends.  The funny thing is, I can’t even pay some of my family and friends to take the time to read my blog!  But when I give away books and find complete strangers from California to Pennsylvania, and everywhere in between, reading my words, I am humbled.  Of course, it’s possible there’s a whole slew of you out there who regularly search for “giveaways” on the internet and will hit on any blog giving away something free, but somehow I think some of you are, actually, reading my words.

For that, I say with complete humility, “Thank you.”


BOOK GIVEAWAY:  Speaking of book giveaways, don’t forget to send your name and mailing address to to register for Susan Meissner’s great book, The Shape of Mercy.  TWO winners will be drawn at random this Friday, October 17th.  Good luck!


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  1. lyndy said

    I am a family member and a friend and though I do not comment often, I never miss your blog. If I do miss a day I catch up. If you miss a day I notice. I enjoy most of the posts… and I read them for the insights and veiw points, not the giveaways.
    It’s funny you mention the book giveaways because just last night I dreampt that you ended your blog, because you felt down about not getting comments. Do not do it… it is just a dream. ;^)

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