Wanna Play?

A friend of mine sent me an e-mail containing pictures of a wild polar bear and sled dog engaging in play.  It was one of those warm and fuzzy e-mail forwards so I checked out the authenticity of the pictures:


When I checked out the video clip where the photos and story originated, I discovered The National Institute for Play:


Numerous studies have been conducted on the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of play.  Many authors have suggested that if our nation is to continue being a leader with respect to innovation in the global economy, creativity (which is nearly impossible without play) must be fostered.

Please take a few minutes to check out The National Institute for Play website.  I encourage you to think about the play activities of your childhood.  Remember what you did and how it made you feel.  Then, no matter what your age or physical condition, find SOMETHING to do EVERY DAY that constitutes play and DO IT!!!  I guarantee the benefits will be great and far-reaching, improving every aspect of your life.

For the record, this is something I’m going to do, too.  I remember the last time I played.  It was May, 2002.  I was on vacation for a long weekend.  It was impossible to “swim” in the ocean because the waves were huge and relentless.  I spent hours just playing, by myself, in the water.  I jumped when the waves washed over me, I laughed, I frolicked.  I didn’t even realize WHY it felt so good at first — it took me awhile to even recognize I was playing.  And in spite of how wonderful it felt, I haven’t played since.  So when I’m encouraging YOU to play, what I’m really trying to do is encourage MYSELF to do it, too.  What’s my excuse?  I know better.  Of course, now, so do you!

Go play!



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