Another YUMMY Book Giveaway

Bon Appetit by Sandra Byrd is a book about a young girl, Lexi, who moves to France to work in a bakery and go to school to become a pastry chef.  Lexi’s transition from America to France is fraught with difficulty.  First of all, so many of the people with whom she deals hate Americans, which is understandable as a cultural generalization, but not of Lexi who is wonderfully warm, respectful of French culture, and best intentioned.  Secondly, school is hard and complicated by different personalities and someone sabotaging the students’ recipes.  Finally, Lexi has to make difficult choices concerning her romantic life and her professional career.  You’ll find yourself pulling for Lexi as she encounters each obstacle, and your heart will soar each time she learns to trust in God for guidance and companionship.

Lexi’s story is great.  This book is the second in a series, the first book being Let Them Eat Cake.  However, you do not need to have read the first book to completely enjoy and understand Bon Appetit (I still haven’t read the first book, but I will). 

The best part about this book for me were the discussions on food.   Seriously.  I love to cook and reading about the cooking school and all the fancy desserts being made was just facsinating to me.  Best of all, there are several recipes featured in the book.  Most are desserts, but there was a recipe for French Onion Soup which, once altered to suit a vegan diet, was DELICIOUS!!!  I love French Onion Soup, but haven’t had it in years because of the beef broth used in restaurants (and the fact that my one attempt to make it at home years ago was a horrible flop).  I tried the recipe in this book (page 143) and LOVED IT.  In fact, I started out by making half a batch in case it was bad, and went back and made a double batch the next day. 

This book is truly a yummy book, for reading entertainment and your pleasure in cooking!  I’m looking forward to the next French Twist book!

Below is the summary from the publisher and information on the author.  I have TWO COPIES to GIVE AWAY.  To enter the random drawing, please send an e-mail with your name and mailing address to me at and I will draw two winners on Friday, October 24th.  If you also e-mail me your favorite recipe for any traditionally French food, I will DOUBLE your chances to win by entering your name in the drawing twice and I will post all the recipes on this blog.

Summary: In this second book in the French Twist series, readers join Lexi Stuart in a crème de la crème adventure!

Deciding to leave her familiar home in Seattle and her could-be boyfriend Dan, Lexi moves to a quaint village in France to pursue her dream of becoming a pastry chef.  Life among the French initially proves to be less than easy as Lexi is challenged by her coworkers, missing her friends, and failing to master the perfect baguette.

Determined to find her place, Lexi settles into the culture and life becomes la perfection. She finds a church, meets a new friend, and makes the acquaintance of a child named Celine—as well as Celine’s attractive, widowed father, Philippe. Even Patricia, the gruff pastry cook, shows a softer side as she mentors Lexi in the art of baking.

Fast, fun, and packed with French culture, foodie appeal, and unique recipes readers will love accompanying Lexi on her journey in Bon Appetit as she tries to choose between two countries, two men and the faith to lean on God while savoring the surprises life brings!

Author Bio: Best-selling author Sandra Byrd enjoys a successful career writing adult, teen, and children’s books, including the Friends for a Season, Secret Sisters series and the French Twist series, including the first Lexi Stuart novel, Let them Eat Cake. She is also a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines. Sandra lives in Washington state with her husband and two children.


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