Scary Statistics

I’ve been entirely too “wordy” lately 😉 so today I’m going to give you a chance to let the last few very lengthy posts foment whatever changes may be necessary in your minds and hearts.

In the meantime, here are a couple of statistics more frightening than any Halloween ghost, ghoul or goblin.  In case you get tired of worrying about your own problems, you can worry about the state of the rest of the world (and feel a little guilty for your griping while you’re at it!)  Ah, yes, gratitude is the antidote for negativity!

  • More of your grocery money goes toward packaging than to the farmers who produce the food.


  • One in eight people worldwide lack access to clean water near their homes for drinking, cooking and washing.


  • Here’s one that’s scary, but with an easy solution (ending on a “better” note):  When people throw unused medications in landfills or flush them down their plumbing systems, the medications find their way into rivers and drinking water, wreaking havoc on wildlife and humans.  There’s a much better way:  Numerous programs that will take unused drugs and redistribute them to people who can’t afford their medicines.  Check out this site to read a one page discussion of the problem and solution and while you’re there, subscribe for the daily environmental/do good/sometimes vegan tip from Ideal Bite.

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