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Me, Myself and I Am is one of the most unique books I’ve ever seen.  It’s like a spiritual diary which will help you get to know God and assess your status spiritually.

In one of my very first posts to this blog, I explained I was a “reluctant blogger”.  Basically, when I was about eight and asking for a diary, my father cautioned me about putting my secrets in writing.  He gave me the (sage, if paranoid) advice, “If you want to keep a secret, you don’t tell ANYONE else.  The minute you tell someone, it’s no longer a secret.  And if you write it down, you leave a record for ANYONE to know your secret.”  Talk about sucking the fun out a childhood right of passage!  Well, I felt compelled to start this blog (1) as a writing discipline; and (2) as a courage builder for sharing my thoughts and feeling publicly and in writing, in spite of my father’s warnings!  😉

So what does all this have to do with the book, Me, Myself and I Am?

Well, this book is a journal, diary, personal history which will help you get to know God better, and will help you assess your spiritual maturity.  The book is laid out similarly to a child’s baby book.  It asks funny questions (If your life had a soundtrack, what would it be?), serious questions (How would you assess your prayer life?) and either provides blanks or multiple choice answers. 

The authors caution you to write your true feelings, not what you THINK you should write.  This is great advice if you want an honest assessment of where you stand and if you want to provoke some thought provoking conversations with yourself and God.  But for a Nervous Nellie like me, it’s hard to put those really honest thoughts in writing.  Quite frankly, I think people have a hard time being honest with themselves in general.  But hard as it may be, I think it’s a very worthwhile exercise.  I can see where it would be helpful not just in the present, but to go back and re-read/re-assess yourself 5 years from now, 10 years from now, etc.  Hopefully, you’ll be surprised to see how far you’ve come. 

Another use I can see for this book is to give it to an older family member — it would provide a wonderful record of “who” mom or grandma was and is.  For instance, this book also asks questions like, “What is the one mistake you made as a teenager you’ve always regretted?” and “Who was your meanest ‘friend’ in grade school?”  These are exactly the types of questions you’d want to know if your parents, grandparents, favorite aunts/uncles passed away.  Or you might want to get the book and comlete it for your kids to read someday.

In any case, I think Me, Myself and I Am is a good book and a great tool — for spiritual assessment, growth, discussion, self-revelation, stimulating your prayer life, and keeping memories alive. 

Book Giveaway:  I have two copies to give away!  Please send your name and mailing address to to register to win Me, Myself and I Am.  TWO winners will be drawn at random this Friday, November 7th.  I’ll DOUBLE your changes of winning by entering your name TWICE in the drawing if you provide the answer to this question (which appears on p. 22 of the book) in your e-mail: 

If my life BEFORE I became a believer were a movie, the best title(s) to describe it would be ______________.  Some proposed answers the book gives are:  Animal House, Some Like It Hot, Heaven Can Wait, Rocky, It’s a Wonderful Life, Do the Right Thing.  I’ll post the answers I get WITHOUT revealing your names on this blog.  Good luck!

If you don’t win the book, you can buy it at and other booksellers.  This book will make a wonderful holiday gift for almost anyone on your list!


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