The Still Small Voice of God . . . Not!

Last Thursday I shared with you a not-so-subtle point God gave me in my spirit and, in doing so, I mentioned that God didn’t “speak” to me with a still, small voice.  In fact, as I’ve often shared with family, friends, and members of my Stephen Ministry class, when God “talks” to me, He sounds a lot like, well, me.  He’s blunt, often loud, usually harsh in a loving sort of way (my husband can explain that one to you!) and sometimes borders on “rude” and sarcastic.  I know some people who would burst into tears if God spoke to them in such tones, but I think He knows this is the best way to relate to me. 

God is, among other things, our Teacher.  Think about your grade school teacher.  She (or he) probably had to explain a concept in different ways for different students to understand.  Some students respond to visual pictures, so the teacher draws 3 apples plus 3 apples to total a picture with 6 apples.  Some students respond to verbal words or symbols, so “3+3=6” will suffice.  And some students respond to the action of hands on training so the teacher will put 3 apples on the desk and show how adding 3 more apples will total 6.  Similarly, God knows I’m blunt and bold and sarcastic and that’s how He relates to me.  Think about how God relates to you . . . does it reflect how you best learn?

Now, that’s not to say God doesn’t want to develop a soft, sweet spirit in me so He is able to speak to me in a gentle, loving way.  And, in spite of my natural resistence to the fruits of the Spirit, I’m working on it.  Really, I am!  But I also think God created me the way I am for a reason.  He wants me perfected, but He doesn’t want to do a complete personality transplant on me or I wouldn’t serve the unique purposes and roles He created me to fit. 

I think we need to realize that although God certainly does expect us to become “new creations” when we come to Him, He still wants us to be ourselves, not someone else.  Of course, God asks us to change, become refined, become perfected, and often He will ask us to do exactly what we’re NOT gifted to do, but sometimes people think they need to be “more ___________” when, in reality, God didn’t create them to be “more __________”.   He created someone else to be “more __________” and created them to be the way they are, only sanctified, to fulfill His purpose and call for them.  For example, I’m a loudmouth.  I’m a front and center, tell it like it is, blunt and loud John the Baptist type.  I’m not a behind-the-scenes, please-don’t-notice-me kind of person.  And that’s okay (although that’s probably why I struggle with what it means to be truly humble!).  If everyone were like me, there’d be no one doing the million details in the background which need to be done.  But if there weren’t people like me in the body, there’d be no pastor or teacher or leader.   I think sometimes we see a quality we admire in someone and we think we should develop it, too.  The problem is, sometimes we admire in other people those qualities we don’t have!

So the next time you’re trying to improve yourself spiritually, ask yourself if that’s what God really wants for you, or if you’re comparing yourself to someone else and emulating them.  Better yet, ask God to tell you if that’s what He wants for you.  And notice what tone of voice He uses when He tells you!


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