No Matter Where You Go, There You Are

dnaI don’t watch a lot of television, but recently I discovered the show, Heroes.  I checked out Season One from the library and my family and I watched the entire season in two weeks.  Toward the end of the first season, one of the characters made this very profound statement:

You can either choose for your life to be happy or meaningful, but not both. 

As soon as the words were uttered, I understood completely what was meant.  But since I’d hate to be accused to brevity, I’ll explain. 

In order for your life to be happy, you must live in the present moment.  You cannot not obsess about the future or ruminate about the past.  But for your life to be meaningful, you’ll have no choice but to spend a good deal of time doing both. 

How very true this is!

This past weekend I had lunch with a friend.  We were talking about how tired we are of having the weight of the world on our shoulders, of caring so very much about every little thing, of the BURDEN of ISSUES so much LARGER than we are.  Although we envy those lighthearted, carefree types who honestly don’t care, we can never be like them.  Why?  Well, my father used to say, “Wherever you go, there you are.”  What he meant by that is unless you can have a personality transplant, you are who you are regardless of your circumstances, location, situation, etc.   

So, I’ve given up hope and, I must say, I feel better!  Seriously, I have (almost) stopped struggling against who I am and have come to accept that I’ll never be a “happy” person.  But, by golly, my life will be meaningful . . .  whether I want it to be or not!

I don’t know that we can “choose” whether our lives are meaningful or happy.  I have tried to be happy — at least I think I have — but I’m powerless to resist my DNA which gravitates relentlessly toward meaningful instead.  So, IF  you could choose, what type of life would you want:  happy or meaningful?


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  1. Stephanie said

    How about happily meaningful? Or does that not count…Ok, meaningful is my choice too, but they can be combined. If one’s life is meaningful, doesn’t that mean they’re fulfilled and happy because of it?

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