Jane Goodall

225px-jane_goodall_hkI read a fascinating article about Jane Goodall this week.  She described how she tried to blend in while studying chimpanzees in the wild in Africa, observing their social interactions, communication, etc.  There were several occasions when an aggressive male chimp would jump on her back or drag her along the ground and all she could do is pray.  On on occasion she saw a chimp fashioning a blade of grass into a tool to capture termite grubs — an amazing sight since only humans were believed to use tools.  Goodall’s telegram to the great anthropologist Louis Leakey prompted his famous reply:  “Now we must redefine tool, redefine man or accept chimpanzees as human.”

To be honest, sometimes I think describing animals with human attributes is rather insulting . . . to the animals! 

Have a good weekend.  Make sure you check back on Monday for another book review and opportunity win one of two copies of the book, My Mother’s Wish, An American Christmas Carol by Jerry Camery-Hoggatt.


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