One of the Greatest Lies in Religion

Yesterday I wrote about the crosses that each of us bears and the reasons God may ask us to do so, as well as the reasons God give each of us different trials and to varying degrees. 

This reminds me of one of the biggest myths circulating among believers:

God won’t give you more than you can bear.

This is usually said in a well intentioned, albeit holier-than-thou, why-are-you-whining-you-faithless-heathen voice.  Either that, or it’s said by the person going through something God-sized as they self-flagellate.

What a crock!  A myth!  A fallacy!  A lie!

God frequently give us more than we can bear.  WHY?  So we rely on Him, not ourselves.  Think about it, the Bible is replete with examples of God giving us more than we can bear:  Abraham couldn’t father a nation without God (a fact painfully obvious in that he tried and caused war in the Middle East until Messiah returns!), Moses couldn’t deliver the Israelites without God (Pharoh didn’t even respond to 6 of the 7 plagues and even after the 7th plague, he had second thoughts and set out in pursuit of them).  

Think about God’s battle plans:  the people were always outnumbered and the methods of battle were always ludicrous:  march around the walled city 7 times, bang your jars, put the worshipers on the front lines, and, my personal favorite, just stand there and the enemy will kill each other for you.  WHY?  So the people would know they couldn’t do it without God.  So He would get all the glory.

Has God changed or is He the same yesterday, today and forever?  Do you still think God wouldn’t give you more than you could bear?  Or do you think He absolutely, positively would make a habit of giving you more than you could bear so you’d learn to rely on Him and realize you can’t do anything without Him? 

The next time you hear someone spread that lie, speak up and give someone the peace that comes in knowing you’re not a weak-willed, faithless worm, but exactly in the place where God wants you . . . the place where you are willing to accept His help. 

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