More Ways to Give

Voltaire said, “Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do.”

Here are some more worthwhile charities for your research and consideration.  Although ’tis the season, we need to remember that charity and giving of oneself (in time, talent and resources as well as money) should be done daily and all year around, not just during the holidays.  Santa really isn’t checking his list twice from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, but God is always looking for the generous spirit.  

I’m going to enjoy a long weekend, but I encourage you to check back on Monday when I will review a new book and start another book giveaway.   I have numerous books to review and give this month so check back often and enter to win. – help with heating bills – offset your holiday carbon footprint of automobile and plane travel – educates college students re: rape – buy a flashlight and one will be donated to a family in the developing world – buy wine to fight breast cancer, autism and AIDS and help the environment – $50 will save 200 square feet of forest – purchase organic baby clothes made by a manufacturer that trains imprisoned women


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